What is EduThink?

EduThink is a network of institutions and professionals who share their knowledge and experiences in the field of thinking applied to the world of education


Why create EduThink ?

The Urki Foundation,  sponsor of ICOT2015 and an institution promoting quality education as the foundation for the improvement of society, with the support of the Educational Group COAS have realized that ICOT2015 could be a great opportunity to achieve the following objectives:

Disseminate to the whole educational community the contents of the Conference,

- To create a network of the professionals and institutions who attended ICOT2015 to continue the conversation .

-to Incorporate other professionals or institutions interested in sharing their experiences in the world of thinking and education, into the network.


Who can join EduThink?

All the attendees registered in the various forms in ICOT2015 (*) and many other professionals and institutions, from the moment that this network was opened, are active members.


What basic content does EduThink offer ?

EduThink is a source of all the presentations and lectures of ICOT2015, recorded in both Spanish and English (109 in total), as well as summaries and presentations of the lectures and the 154 communications that have the author's permission for publishing ( **).

Such content will be added gradually over the coming months as they are produced for publication.



What other content is offered through EduThink?

EduThink allows not only access to the contents of the presentations, both in Spanish and English, but provides its members the possibility of adding comments to such content as well as add content and / or links to their personal Web's to show their own work and experiences.

Thus EduThink aims to promote interaction between members of the network, and create communities to exchange experiences and best practices.

What is the URKI Foundation?

The Urki Foundation is a non-profit institution based in Bilbao, whose main purpose is to promote cultural, educational and training activities and research in the field of education and the sciences related to it.

Founded in 1990, thanks to the initiative and vision of a group of people, concerned with the educational landscape, they decided to create this Foundation in order to offer society quality creative and innovative education, based on values.


Their objectives are:

1. To assist parents in their children's educational

2. Improve the quality of education

3. Promote educational research to respond to the challenges of society at all times

4. Promote education centers and cultural venues and sports

5. Promote education of people in the third world, thus contributing to the improvement of their opportunities


Who is the Educational Group COAS?

The Educational Group COAS is made up of 6 schools and 4 centers for education which are grant aided and non profit social initiative , in Vizcaya, Guipuzcoa and La Rioja (Ayalde, Munabe, Umedi, Haurkabi, Erain, Eskibel, Erain-Txiki, Alcaste, Las Fuentes and Entreviñas).

The origin of the Group dates back to 1971, thanks to the initiative and vision of a group of families who decided to create, with professional teachers, an educational community, in order to offer society a quality creative innovative education based in Christian values.

It is based on educational excellence and educational innovation: Personalized attention of students and their families, teaching of values, trilingual Model it was the first group to implement the model in their centers in 1996 - and, since 2000, continuing to search for new teaching methods, incorporating innovation mainly from Harvard Project Zero (Teaching for Understanding, IIMM, Visible Thinking) and since 2008 they have been incorporating Thinking based Learning (TBL) of the National Center for Teaching Thinking learning ( NCTT) of Boston, under the direction of Dr. Robert Swartz.

(*) Anyone registered may unsubscribe to EduThink by accessing the website (www.eduthink.es) and filling out the form available for this purpose.

(**) The intellectual property of all this material (recorded lectures, presentations and abstracts) corresponds to the authors thereof and will remain so over time, although the URKI Foundation is authorized to spread through its web (www.eduthink.es), provided that this is done for free. It is therefore prohibited any reproduction or commercial exploitation of this material without the permission of their authors.


We have imported all the Icot2015 attendees to eduthink depending on the strand selected.

An email has been sent to the email adress provided at the Icot2015 with user and password.

Please, don´t hesitate if you have any doubt or problem to log in.